Huajun W606-2 3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video camera Quadcopter

Product details:

3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video Quadcopter Huajun W606-2.

3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video Quadcopter Huajun W606-2


The quadcopter is light weight and durable. The propellers are guarded by plastic frame so that it’s protected during collision. It includes a removable hull and blade guards so it’s both suitable for flying indoors and outdoors. The W606-2 quadcopter high speed flight. Pushing the speed control button, switches the quad to high performance mode. When it’s stable, you can get it doing more tricks: up/downward, left/rightward, 3D flip, headless mode, altitude hold mode. 3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video Quadcopter Huajun W606-2.

w606-2 huajun toy quadcopter rc done toy


In headless state, the operator has no need to recognize the position of aircraft’s headpiece, and he just needs to control the aircraft in accordance with the direction of remote control’s operation rod.

High/LOW Speed:

Different speed brings different flying experience to you. According
to your control proficiency, you can select threshold. It’s easier for you to handle it.


Adopt the advanced barometer to automatically maintain flying altitude. Operation is very simple. Once signal connections are finished, push up the throttle control stick and then hands off. The copter will maintain a desired flying altitude.


The W606-2 has a much much better camera, especially in low light situations.  I assumed I’d be able to watch the path it took after it went past the buildings but it got basically nothing interesting. I’m taking off a star just for this function. Even though the camera on the Huajun is inferior in every other way, a camera that records is better than one that doesn’t so I’d recommend the Huajun.


It is much easier to control if you move the throttle up and down steady and slowly otherwise you risk crashing it! Once you get more skilled, you can fly it at a higher speed! In addition, once your more skilled, you can do tricks such as rolling and 3D flipping!