Huajun W606-2 3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video camera Quadcopter

Product details:

3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video Quadcopter Huajun W606-2.

3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video Quadcopter Huajun W606-2


The quadcopter is light weight and durable. The propellers are guarded by plastic frame so that it’s protected during collision. It includes a removable hull and blade guards so it’s both suitable for flying indoors and outdoors. The W606-2 quadcopter high speed flight. Pushing the speed control button, switches the quad to high performance mode. When it’s stable, you can get it doing more tricks: up/downward, left/rightward, 3D flip, headless mode, altitude hold mode. 3D-Flip Headless Mode RC video Quadcopter Huajun W606-2.

w606-2 huajun toy quadcopter rc done toy


In headless state, the operator has no need to recognize the position of aircraft’s headpiece, and he just needs to control the aircraft in accordance with the direction of remote control’s operation rod.

High/LOW Speed:

Different speed brings different flying experience to you. According
to your control proficiency, you can select threshold. It’s easier for you to handle it.


Adopt the advanced barometer to automatically maintain flying altitude. Operation is very simple. Once signal connections are finished, push up the throttle control stick and then hands off. The copter will maintain a desired flying altitude.


The W606-2 has a much much better camera, especially in low light situations.  I assumed I’d be able to watch the path it took after it went past the buildings but it got basically nothing interesting. I’m taking off a star just for this function. Even though the camera on the Huajun is inferior in every other way, a camera that records is better than one that doesn’t so I’d recommend the Huajun.


It is much easier to control if you move the throttle up and down steady and slowly otherwise you risk crashing it! Once you get more skilled, you can fly it at a higher speed! In addition, once your more skilled, you can do tricks such as rolling and 3D flipping!

U-FLY camera quadcopter interesting colors images

U-fly W606-3 three colors for reference:

U-FLY camera quadcopter interesting colors images.

drones motor camera

Wifi Real Time Video Transmission, FPV(First Persion View). Video recording with HD Camera, high revolution pixels
Lightweight airframe with nice durability. High capacity and safe battery and strong power motors enable the copter to fly much longer and more efficiently.

6 axis gyroscope with posture control Integrated design. The precise positioning of the aircraft and makes the gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability. 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation.
Charging Time is about 200 minutes with wall adapter, while the flight Duration is about 8-10 minutes.

Control distance is about 200 meters. The 2.4Ghz interference around you and even the weather or wind could affect the control range.
Indoor/Outdoor Drone with Camera suitable for all skill level. Modular Design makes it easy to install and repair.  Wiggle the throttle until it paired before taking off.

Main features of U-FLY:

U-FLY camera quadcopter interesting colors images

Excellent features: WIFI Real Time Video Transmission, FPV(First Persion View) Video recording with HD Camera, high revolution pixels Multi-rotor design ensures more stable and powerful performance. And make all kinds of 3D action more easier there are 2 (medium/high) speed modes. We could launched it by hand Headless mode, automatic direction identification. No matter which direction the quad copter pointing, we can do backward/forward flying by pulling right control rod down/up. One Key Return Function.

Other features of U-fly:

drone quadcopter camera

Press the Return Button on the transmitter, the copter will automatically return. 360° Rolls 3D Full Flight modes, piloting the drone to Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward, Leftward/Rightward flying. Suspension 2.4Ghz control, 5 channel, 6 axis gyro flight control system The 6-axis gyro can easily do various flight actions. Stable flight, stronger wind resistance, easier to control the 6-axis system allows the u-fly  to hand launch Adopting 2.4Ghz technology. Can play many drones at the same time and do not interfere with each other Powerful coreless motors High quality LiPO battery.

Wifi FPV HD Camera video 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter

Wifi fpv drone hexacopter:

Wifi FPV HD Camera video 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter.

2.4 GHZ Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Drone with Auto Hover, High / Low Velocity and Removable Battery.
through & FLY, 360-degree Aerial Stunts (Flips & Barrel Rolls), and a cool Translucent Shell Allowing it Be Seen Even As the Sun Sets.
The 480P Camera  manually adjust the angle of the camera  flight to get the best shot during flight.
One of the Easiest Drones to Fly! One-Button Take Off & Landing, Auto-Hover, Intelligent Orientation, And Velocity Control All Provide You with the Most Stable & Fun Flight with Your Drone!Wifi FPV HD Camera video 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter


This product is ready to fly and there is little assembly need before fly. Install 6 AA batteries in the transmitter before go to fly. The  latest fpv alloy body wifi fpv drone start your high flying adventures, In addition flanker comes with headless mode. Auto takeoff and landing features in addition position holding and of course many other great features

Mobile App Features + Remote Control Capabilities:



The wifi fpv drone combines with the features of a separate remote control. Radio control camera with the visual appeal and ease of-use of a smartphone/tablet. It is best operating drone, when using the two in combination which requires that you download. The app onto your compatible mobile device or Laptop, just download and start live streaming. Connect with the mobile devices are most commonly use for a first-person viewing angle. The airborne drone, as well as it is not absolutely necessary that you use the two together in order for the drone to fly.

Altitude Hold Mode:

In altitude hold mode, Copter maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be control normally. When the altitude hold mode is select, while throttle is automatically control to maintain the current altitude. Roll, Pitch and yaw operate the same as in Stabilize mode meaning that the pilot directly controls the roll and pitch lean angles and the heading.

The quadcopter Auto take off & landing drone and Radio control Camera drone, furthermore middle control throttle transmitter give the best and easy way of controlling the drone. One key return to home function in fact working like GPS drones.

new wifi fpv drone one key return home position holding quadcopter

 W606-6 new rc drone ready for send samples:

New wifi fpv drone one key return home position holding quadcopter Flying cameras, quadcopters, consumer drones, whatever you want to call them are one of the most exciting new tech inventions and are rapidly becoming mainstream. We have just launch this new eye bird camera quadcopter and it’s light weight and extremely stable to fly. The power switch of the drone install on the top of it.

The latest quadcopter drone with a 480 Pixel and 720 pixel camera, wide angled lens camera. If you are looking to get into Aerial Photography, then this model is most suitable for you to to capture some best images.

You will learn how to fly a light weight yet durable and full stable in addition low Priced Drone. Capture decent images and videos all the way where you can just get a small space to take the drone on the air.

Wifi FPV 480 pixel and 720 pixel:

new wifi fpv drone one key return home position holding quadcopter:

The latest released drone we named it Q-FLY comes with different version wifi fpv. Like 480 Pixel and 720 Pixel, just go to google play or iOS to download the app and make your phone live video streaming monitor. It also come with 2GB and 4GB SD card in addition card reader.

Lock and unlock features:

Q-FLY equipped with more great and amazing features, now just one click take your drones to the sky.

Beginners worry how to take the drone to the sky, now don’t worry with new Q-FLY. One click takeoff and one click download.

Middle throttle control transmitter:

Middle throttle control transmitter give the excited moments to control a quadcopter, your yaw and throttle works as position holding at all the time. Just takeoff your drone and control by one hand. new wifi fpv drone one key return home position holding quadcopter

This New Quadcopter from HJ toys has some amazing features for a Remote Control Drone. High Hold, One Key Take Off and Land. Great for Beginners, Good Video and Image capture at anywhere.

headless mode fpv drone quadcopter

headless mode fpv drone quadcopter

new wifi fpv drone one key return home position holding quadcopter

headless mode fpv quadcopter new release

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