U-Liy W606-9 vs DJI Mavic altitude hold/auto hover 2017 latest drone

U-Liy W606-9 vs DJI Mavic altitude hold/auto hover 2017 latest drone

HJ toys latest drone U-lily the W606-9 RC auto hover/altitude hold wifi FPV light weight quadcopter, it also comes with safe technology. Unique design for selfie, capture the moments whenever wherever you want.

Altitude Hold Mode on Drones

Altitude hold mode on drones allows the aircraft to maintain a (roughly) consistent altitude. This feat is achieved by analyzing pressure data provided by the barometric pressure sensor, and if installed, by an ultrasonic sensor.

The barometric pressure sensor is responsible for providing ambient pressure readings to the drone’s controller. These pressure readings are used to determine the altitude. The ultrasonic sensor, on the other hand, provides data related to nearby objects (essentially, data about how far the drone is from them, in this case, the ground). Tri Fidget Hand Spinner 
Coupled with the barometric pressure sensor it can be used to precisely determine the altitude. Altitude hold mode allows the user to manually control the roll and pitch lean angles and the heading.
Unlike stabilize mode, the throttle is automatically controlled to maintain the current altitude. The climb and descent of the drone can be controlled by the throttle stick.

lily drone

Special features of U-Lily drone

• One key return to home function
• Barometric pressure sensor for setting hover altitude
• Out of range & out of power auto landing
• Auto motors stop if drone hit something.
• Built-in geomagnetic electronic compass
• Flight path follow features
• Gravity sensor control, fly the drone on cellphone move
• Low voltage warning & Two speed mode
• 6-axis flight control system provides excellent stability
Control functions: Up / Down / Turn Left / Turn Right / Fly Forward / Fly Backward /Move Left / Move Right / With Lights
1 .Product size: 37*37*6.6CM
2. Weight of drone: 160G
3. Flying time: 9-11 minutes
4. Chargint time: 90 minutes
5. Flying distance: 50-80 metres
5. Battery: 3.7V 1000MAH
6. Charger: USB
spare part : 4 propellers + 4 propeller protections + landing gears + tools for+4GB SD card+ assembly + remote control with support for smartphone
U-Liy W606-9 vs DJI Mavic altitude hold/auto hover 2017 latest drone