RC Drone quadcopter middle throttle transmitter

RC Drone quadcopter middle throttle transmitter.

RC Drone quadcopter middle throttle transmitter 

HJ Toys conducted a survey last month about my first drone flight. The result was so shocking that 80% end user even don’t know what is yaw and pitch and how it work/control. That means the first flight must a disaster, either explain well on manual its totally different experience what you are reading when you are flying.

RC quadcopters that comes with safe technology and easy to control is the best option.We acknowledge to tackle this problem. Below are some main changes which HJ Toys think a breakthrough for those pilots who are going for their first flight.

Middle throttle control transmitter

Middle throttle control transmitter means boys and girls all can fly, just one press unlock the quad. And take to the altitude without worrying how to pull up from the ground, after takeoff now don’t worry it will go too high or will come to ground, free your hand and shoot the best video and capture a snap. Set the altitude based on your desired and take easy to control your drone.

Safe Technology drone

Our all drones now comes with safe technology, which means don’t worry if your drone hit any obstacle it will destroy or motors start burn, in seconds copter hit all motors will shut down.

Safe Landing Technology

Mostly clients ask what if battery running out of power or out of flying range, as well HJ toys handle this issue, when you face these circumstances the quadcopter will come to land to the ground slowly, meanwhile if you flying so high and out of range and the drone will come to the ground gradually, as soon as it get into the remote control range you can bind the drone again and start control it.

RC Drone quadcopter middle throttle transmitter