fpv quadcopter Boasting full GPS functionality such as position holding, return to home and even full GPS waypoint flying, this is a professional level multi-rotor aircraft in an easy to use, ready to fly package that anyone can fly. The Quanum Nova was developed with one primary goal in mind – providing our customers with a simple, user friendly drone capable of proffessional level flight performance. This goal has been realized. Now you have the perfect machine for carrying your GoPro or other similar sized action cameras for shooting awesome aerial video!


Latest wifi fpv quadcopter eyebird hd camera record HD video

 W606-6 latest drone ready for production:

Latest wifi fpv quadcopter eyebird hd camera record HD video:

Latest wifi fpv quadcopter eyebird hd camera record HD video. You named it consumer drones, whatever you want to call them are one of the most exciting new tech inventions and are rapidly becoming mainstream. We have just launch this new eye bird camera quadcopter and it’s lightweight, and extremely stable to fly. The power switch of the drone install on the top of it regardless its shape we made it for easy operationable.

The latest quadcopter drone with a 480 Pixel and 720 pixel camera, with wide angled lens camera. If you are looking to get into Aerial Photography, then this model is most suitable for you to to capture some best images.

You will learn how to fly a lightweight, yet durable and full stable in addition low Priced Drone. Capture decent images and videos all the way where you can just get a small space to take the drone on the air.

Wifi FPV 480 pixel and 720 pixel:

The latest released drone we named it Q-FLY comes with different version wifi fpv. Like 480 Pixel and 720 Pixel, just go to google play or iOS to download the app and make your phone live video streaming monitor. It also come with 2GB and 4GB SD card, in addition card reader.

Lock and unlock features:

Latest wifi fpv quadcopter eyebird hd camera record HD video Q-FLY equipped with more great and amazing features, now just one click take your drones to the sky.

Beginners worry how to take the drone to the sky, now don’t worry with new Q-FLY. One click takeoff, and one click download.

Middle throttle control new design transmitter:

Middle throttle control transmitter give the excited moments to control a copter, your yaw and throttle works as position holding at all the time. Just take off your drone and control by one hand. new wifi fpv drone one key return home position holding quadcopter

This New Quadcopter from HJ toys has some amazing features for a Remote Control Drone. High Hold, One Key Take Off and Land. Great for Beginners, Good Video and Image capture at anywhere.



Latest wifi fpv quadcopter eyebird hd camera record HD video

fpv drone quadcopter

fpv wifi syma toys drone

For more details please visit: http://www.huajuntoys.com/


Wifi FPV HD Camera video 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter

Wifi fpv drone hexacopter:

Wifi FPV HD Camera video 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter.

2.4 GHZ Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Drone with Auto Hover, High / Low Velocity and Removable Battery.
through & FLY, 360-degree Aerial Stunts (Flips & Barrel Rolls), and a cool Translucent Shell Allowing it Be Seen Even As the Sun Sets.
The 480P Camera  manually adjust the angle of the camera  flight to get the best shot during flight.
One of the Easiest Drones to Fly! One-Button Take Off & Landing, Auto-Hover, Intelligent Orientation, And Velocity Control All Provide You with the Most Stable & Fun Flight with Your Drone!Wifi FPV HD Camera video 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter


This product is ready to fly and there is little assembly need before fly. Install 6 AA batteries in the transmitter before go to fly. The  latest fpv alloy body wifi fpv drone start your high flying adventures, In addition flanker comes with headless mode. Auto takeoff and landing features in addition position holding and of course many other great features

Mobile App Features + Remote Control Capabilities:



The wifi fpv drone combines with the features of a separate remote control. Radio control camera with the visual appeal and ease of-use of a smartphone/tablet. It is best operating drone, when using the two in combination which requires that you download. The app onto your compatible mobile device or Laptop, just download and start live streaming. Connect with the mobile devices are most commonly use for a first-person viewing angle. The airborne drone, as well as it is not absolutely necessary that you use the two together in order for the drone to fly.

Altitude Hold Mode:

In altitude hold mode, Copter maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be control normally. When the altitude hold mode is select, while throttle is automatically control to maintain the current altitude. Roll, Pitch and yaw operate the same as in Stabilize mode meaning that the pilot directly controls the roll and pitch lean angles and the heading.

The quadcopter Auto take off & landing drone and Radio control Camera drone, furthermore middle control throttle transmitter give the best and easy way of controlling the drone. One key return to home function in fact working like GPS drones.

W606-3 U-FLY lily clone 5.8ghz FPV drone quadcopter

W606-3 U-FLY  lily clone 5.8ghz FPV drone quadcopter:

W606-3 U-FLY lily clone 5.8ghz FPV drone quadcopter

U-fly specifications:

W606-3 U-FLY lily clone 5.8ghz FPV drone quadcopter. U-fly comes with one key return to home function.  Like mush as drones come with this feature available in the market.

With its integrated adjustable camera, you can capture stunning aerial photos and videos. Then quickly and easily upload your footage with the included 4GB micro SD card.  USB micro SD card reader In addition the 2.4GHz. Beside 4.5 channel transmitter is equipped with an LCD interface so you can view valuable flight information. As well as giving you complete 3D flight control forward, backward, up, down, rotate or lateral movement. If you want to impress the crowd then press the flip stunt mode button on your transmitter, and you can perform insane 360° stunts, sure to wow any onlooker. When you’ve got the hang of flying this easy to use drone, you can press the speed control button and choose from three speed variables, and buzz through the skies like a true pro.

Auto Takeoff And Landing fpv drone

Either auto takeoff and landing function is not special function for professional players, but it help the non-professional players to easy and safe takeoff the aircraft from the ground. U-Fly has new generation gyroscope which make the takeoff and landing much as easier as itworks with auto takeoff and landing feature.

Fpv drone Headless mode (IOC)

headless mode translated by Chinese word “Wutou” which means no head (Headless)

in fact the correct word to express this function is intelligent orientation control (IOC)

The functioning of headless mode is pretty simple. The only pre-requisite is that before taking off, you’re required to position the drone in such a way that its front is your front. Since yaw (the left stick on a Mode 2 controller) anyway doesn’t have anything to do with orientation (left is left and right is right all the time. Regardless of where your drone is pointing at), it is how the drone reacts to rudder (the right stick on a Mode 2 controller) that changes, regardless where your drone is pointing at.

For the purpose of good flight headless mode is a good way that allows you not to worry about orientation altogether.  Since there is no difference between front and rear for a headless drone.

Altitude holding mode:

Altitude holding mode is for enhance aerial photography. Fpv drone it make able to capture the best click from above the ground.
Mostly the end user complains that they are not so convenient to capture their favorite shot. We come with most economical solution to make handle this problem. As well as you don’t need to spend hundreds of $ to get this feature, U-fly rc drone able to do what you are looking for. Definitely the best aerial photography flying machine.

Auto Return Key fpv drone:

One key return is the function which helps to save your drone to lost or crash when you fly far away from you, like you are flying the drone 100 meters away from you. in addition it’s going to out of control, just push down the key on upper right side, drone will come to you.

U-FLY technical details:

▪ Hexcopter: Dimensions: 42*32*15CM
▪ Product color: Black
▪ Product battery: 7.4V 1800MAH Li-po battery included
▪ Remote control battery: 4* AA (excluded)
▪ charging time: 150-180 minutes
▪ Flying time: 9-10 minutes
▪ Radio Range: 200-350 meters
▪ Frequency: 2.4Ghz
▪ Color box size: 60.5×18×53CM
▪ WIFI HD FPV live streaming upto 70 meters.

 fpv quadcopter drone dji phantom

W606-3 U-FLY lily clone 5.8ghz FPV drone quadcopter

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