huajun toys nano Drone World’s Smallest mini hexacopter

 huajun toys nano Drone World’s Smallest mini hexacopter:

huajun toys nano Drone World’s Smallest mini hexacopter. Throw to Fly and Ready to Fly, and 6-Axis Flight Control System with Adjustable Gyro Sensitivity. Additionally the Stable & Easy to Fly. The Aerobatic Flip Capability give the best to fun indoor fly as well as outdoor fly. LED Lights for Night Flights and 3-Level Adjustable Controller Sensitivity Beginner, Mid-Level, and expert too.

Specifications of min hexacopter drone:

1) Frequency: 2.4GHz
2) Channels: 4
3) Battery: 3.7V 250mAh
4)  Flight Time: ~6-8 minutes
5) Charging Time: ~40 minutes
6) Controller Battery: 2 x AAA (Not Included)
7) Remote-controlled Distance: Up To 50 meters.
8) Dimensions:  8×8×2.6 CM nano drone functions:

Huajun toys gyroscope 6-Axis Gyro durable body:

ABS material that is sturdy meanwhile and has good durability aircraft. It has 2 flight speed modes and can  fly Up, down, left, right, sideways, hover, flip and can hand launch. It even has LED light for easier night flying.

Technical details of  World’s Smallest mini hexacopter:

The quad copter uses a 3.7 Voltage and 250mah battery, that gives it a flight time of about 6 to 8 minutes. Which isn’t much but the low charging time of 35~40 minutes is helpful. You can control the drone using its 2.4GHz transmitter that has a control distance of 30 to 50 meters.

It is extremely versatile and can roll forward and backward and from side to side. The included 2.4GHz radio gives you total control over it helps you efficiently command it the way you want. It has 4-channel with digital trims.

huajun toys nano Drone World’s Smallest mini hexacopter:

Huajun toys nano Drone World’s Smallest mini nano drone. The tiny quadcopter with equipped the features LED light that indicate the front and back of it while also helping in low light flying.

It has 4 micro motors and 6-axis gyroscope with an Auto Upright System that self-corrects. The quadcopter irrespective of the direction that it was launch in. Thanks for its new generation gyroscope system which allows it to hand launch and gives it great stability while flying. The nano drone has strong interference resistance and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying. It also does not need to trim to fly more stably.

mini hexacopter impact resistant ABS plastic:

The mini copter impact resistant ABS plastic additionally its modular design is built from impact resistant ABS plastic. It designed for the Beginners also for the expert. And for those just learning the art of flying, as well as want to pick up the skill. The durable ABS material make the nano drone anti-crash, so you don’t need to worry about destroy it in minor crash.  Advanced mode for those who are already experience to fly certainly in the advance mode. The Mini Drone can perform aggressive flips, also the fast flying.

Cool aerobatic maneuver:

The drone can help you perform exciting aerobatics with its high thrust, while low weight and incredibly responsive controls. It can aggressively snap into forward, backward flips and barrel rolls with quick speed. Its RTF (Ready to Fly) Technology, also Six-Axis Stabilization, Direct Drive System make it the best nano flying bee machine. Sophisticated circuitry, piezoelectric gyros  give the Mini Drone exceptional stability. When you power on the drone, its smart software regulates it for stable flight.  And when you remove your hands from the control, it returns to a solid and steady hover.

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huajun toys nano Drone World’s Smallest mini hexacopter ONAGOfly Drone

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