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W609-5 Mini RTF RC Hexacopter vs JJRC H20C nano copter

 W609-5 Mini RTF RC Hexacopter:

W609-5 Mini RTF RC Hexacopter vs JJRC H20C nano copter, RC Drones Hexacopter, 2.4GHz Radio Control & Hand Throw Fly.
Advanced spread spectrum technology for further remote distance. Best anti-interference ability and least power consumption. You can fly more quadcopters at the same time with hand throw fly makes the W609-5 more interesting
It comes with two speed mode, high/low speed modes allow the user to enjoy both speed.
W609-5 RC hexacopter allows changing the percentage of response of quadcopter. You can set the response in low and high level, which is suitable for beginners and experts.

drone quadcopter W609-5 Mini RTF RC Hexacopter vs JJRC H20C nano copter W609-5 Mini RTF RC Hexacopter vs JJRC H20C nano copter
6-axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability, can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
High Intensity LEDs & 360° Flips, each side and the head of quadcopter there are some high intensity LED.

6-Axis gyroscope nano drone:

RC aircraft six-axis gyro stabilization provides much faster correction of attitude displacement than a 3 axis system. In addition to the three pitch, roll, and yaw gyro sensors, three additional accelerators are included that sense and automatically compensate for un-commanded movement (acceleration) in the three dimensions. Now our little quadcopter drone can automatically resist flipping and being blown about by sudden wind gusts (try flying a 3 axis quadcopter on a windy day to appreciate this).

Six axis stabilization also allows sensing of un-commanded side slip during turns. Very sharp banked turns can now easily achieved with a six axis quadcopter by simultaneously applying rudder and roll control. Such turns are extremely difficult to achieve with a three axis quadcopters.

indicators which are use to help you to see the orientation during flight. This 4-channel quadcopter can go forward, backward, up, down, turn left, right and left/right sideways fly and 360°flips.
3.7V 150mAh Lithium Battery ,with rechargeable lithium battery, 3.7V 150mAh, supports about 5 minutes flight time.

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